…If you see a serpent in a dream, then such dream shows great ability of the dreamer to perform, teach others and get the best of yourself. If the serpent was winged, then it shows the special intellectual features of the dreamer….

…To a man this dream symbolizes enemies and ingratitude, to a woman indicates some approaching seduction she should be aware of. To see one who curls, twists, and crawls, indicates unpleasant issues, however the one will deal with them easily. To kill one means triumph over enemies. To capture one, you will destroy jealousy. For a husband to dream of a serpent with many heads, indicates that his wife’s infidelity with one or more of his intimate friends is possible….

To dream you see a serpent turning and winding himself, signifies danger and imprisonment.

To dream you see a serpent turning and winding himself, signifies danger and imprisonment.

Escaping danger by fire. 38.

This letter is interpreted as a bait that can help during dreams to gather information which we need when we are awake, in order to achieve our goals.

If this letter appears clearly is a message of expansion and search, as the tensioning bow before launching the arrow.

The I.D. indicates your own identity and how you think about yourself. If you lost you I.D., it means that you are not feeling yourself anymore. If someone has stolen your I.D., it symbolizes your fear of being influenced by others in the negative way. If the driver’s license or I.D. was taken from you because of the your behavior, you will have to face the consequences for what you have done.

…G-d disguised Himself into Snake and tricked the first Humans to eat the apple. This is direct cheat from G-d on to Himself since Human is created like G-d. The story itself is a joke since if G-d can cheat on Himself thus believing in it is also a cheat onto believer. So, if it simple cheat, why should anyone believe that the story itself is not cheat. So, when we see that the story itself is a trick to cheat our minds, then we don’t have the ground on which our world is being built. What is hidden behind that? So, if this Myth is just a cheat, then we don’t have any reliable source about G-d, Human and how everything was created….

If you dream of M.D. it shows that you are looking for help and trying to make things better of your health or your life. The dream could also be understood as the suggestion to look after your health and check your doctor. If you are feeling physically sick in your dream, it means that you are trying to understand your body and mind. In some cases the dream about M.D. could show that you are going on the right track while dealing with your spirituality.

Approaching seduction, if the dreamer is a female. The sin, adultery, if the dreamer is male.

Dreaming of Adam and Eve, foretells that some eventful occasion will rob you of the hope of success in your affairs. To see them in the garden, Adam dressed in his fig leaf, but Eve perfectly nude save for an Oriental colored serpent ornamenting her waist and abdomen, signifies that treachery and ill faith will combine to overthrow your fortune. To see or hear Eve conversing with the serpent, foretells that artful women will reduce you to the loss of fortune and reputation….

…The one of many common beings have been detected in the adventures of the dreams always is the serpent. Dreaming about gold and snake is tangled because these mystical characters of the dreams are able to indicate two explanations: negative and positive. In order to apprehend meaning of the golden snake in a dream, it is important to reason about your own individual knowledge and emotion about gold snake and how it is seen in your cultural customs. For example, when you like to keep the snakes as the domestic pets, on this occasion this dream will have contrary interpretation for you than anyone who feels intense dislike for snakes and is frightened by them. The snake as a symbol of the Spirit World is very powerful in cultures, that being so your cultural knowledge should be very necessary component in how your snake dream is deciphered. Mostly, if…

…call for prayers or the standing of a preacher on the pulpit to give his sermon, payment of one’s debts, performing one’s obligatory pilgrimage or the end of one’s life. If the new crescent is opaque, or if it is created from yellow copper, or if it has the shape of a serpent or a scorpion in the dream, then it denotes evil. Seeing the new crescent in a dream in the same night it is supposed to be born means that one’s wife will conceive a child. In a dream, a new crescent also represents a little child, repentance from sin, dispelling adversities, release from prison or recovering from an illness. Seeing the crescent when it is rising in a dream is better than seeing it when it is declining. If the new crescent suddenly disappears in one’s dream, it means that one’s project, object or intention will not…

…To see a lightning-rod, denotes that threatened destruction to some cherished work will confront you. To see one change into a serpent, foretells enemies will succeed in their schemes against you. If the lightning strikes one, there will be an accident or sudden news to give you sorrow. If you are having one put up, it is a warning to beware how you begin a new enterprise, as you will likely be overtaken by disappointment. To have them taken down, you will change your plans and thereby further your interests. To see many lightning rods, indicates a variety of misfortunes….

To dream you see a serpent turning and winding himself, signifies danger and imprisonment; it denotes, also, sickness and hatred. To dream you see many serpents, signifies you will be deceived by your wife.

Dreaming of sitting on some person’s lap, denotes pleasant security from vexing engagements. If a young woman dreams that she is holding a person on her lap, she will be exposed to unfavorable criticism. To see a serpent in her lap, foretells she is threatened with humiliation at the hands of enemies. If she sees a cat in her lap, she will be endangered by a seductive enemy….

It was once considered the symbol of a serpent that would descend in dreams to communicate a message, but the most common interpretation is that there is a connection between various levels of consciousness.

…If one sees himself hanging down loosely from a high place in a dream, it means that he will turn pious and for the sake of his faith, he will give preference to his life in the hereafter over that of this world. One’s fall in the dream connotes despair or disappointment. Hanging loosely to reach a lion, a serpent, a scorpion, or the like creatures in a dream means hanging around with evil companions, soliciting marriage from a corrupt family, or seeking the friendship of the wrong people. Hanging loosely to reach some cattle or a herd of sheep in a dream means delivering charities or spending money in a good way….

…rain. A snake with a horn in a dream represents a profitable business. Black snakes and pythons in a dream represent army generals. Water snakes in a dream represent money. If one sees his garden covered with snakes in a dream, it means that its trees will bear fruits and exceed the normal crop. A snake coming out of its hole in a dream represents a son. A snake leaving one’s house in a dream means its destruction or demolition. Killing a snake in a dream means marriage. Tapeworms or other intestinal worms in a dream represent one’s relatives and their children. Seeing snakes eating on one’s table in a dream means separation between friends. Desert snakes in a dream represent highway robbers. In general a snake or a serpent in a dream represent jealousy, envy, perfidy, swindlingpeople’s properties, deceit and an avowed enmity. (Also see Belt | Sting)…

…approaching and growing in dimensions as it nears you, finally taking on the form of an enormous serpent | if you then, after frantic efforts, succeed in escaping its attack, and altogether lose sight of it, it foretells that you will soon imagine you are being disobeyed and slighted, and things will go on from bad to worse. Sickness, uneasiness and unkindness will increase to frightful proportions in your mind | but they will adjust themselves to a normal basis, and by the putting aside of imaginary trouble, and masterfully shouldering duties, you will be contented and repaid. Dreaming that a snake coils itself around you and darts its tongue out at you, is a sign that you will be placed in a position where you will be powerless in the hands of enemies, and you will be attacked with sickness. To handle them, you will use strategy to aid