Eating a lemon in a dream means blame or falling sick. However, if one sees a lemon and does not eat it in the dream, then it means money. Giving someone a lemon in a dream means criticizing him, or it could mean a bust, total loss, or a bad deal. (Also see Lemon tree | Lemon | Tree)

A lemon tree in a dream represents a man who serves and benefits others, or a auspicious and a pleasant woman who also has an eccentric opinion about herself. (Also see Lemon | Lime | Tree)

Drinking lemon juice is a sign of pain and anguish. Disease. Dream of a lemon tree means peace at home.

Dream of drinking lemon juice is a sign of pain and anguish. Also indicates disease. Dream of a lemon tree indicates peace at home.

To dream about lemons suggests resentfully envy against others. This meaning may be ratified if those lemons are unripe and are also hanging in a tree that is property of the dreamer. To dream that you taste (suck) a lemon symbolizes that you feel humiliated for a situation that may well be unjustified. If married couples dream about unripe lemons, it suggests their problems will likely worsen. This dream means the same for unmarried couples, and it usually indicates a relationship breakup.

To see a lemon, when you are dreaming, shows the way of your negative thinking about some aspect in your life. Are you feeling lower in rank, status, or quality within your society? You must change your mind, because this thinking is incorrect. Perhaps a situation or relationship has become unbearable. In the dream to eat or suck on a lemon, can have symbolic meaning of recovery. Or maybe you need to clean or heal your inner spiritual state. Dreaming that you are squeezing a lemon, suggest your need to be more realistic, practical or economical.

In a dream, a lime represents money and profits. (Also see Lemon)

…represents a person with steadfastness and determination. A plum tree in a dream represents a rich and a courageous man. A pear tree in a dream represents a Persian who practices herbal medicine. A tamarisk tree in a dream represents a hypocrite, or it could mean a thief who benefits poor people and harms the rich. Abullace, a wild small plum tree, or a damson tree in a dream represent someone who benefits everyone. A sycamore tree in a dream represents a good person who is steadfast in his servitude to others, though who is also firm, equitable, powerful and rich. A carob tree in a dream represents a man of little benefit to others. A lemon tree in a dream represents a beneficial person, or a rich woman who is known for her charities. (Also see Sycamore tree | Evergreen | Oak tree | Palm tree | etcetera)…

…a grocer in Lemon Street, and must be making a good six hundred a year clear profit. He hires a carriage every Sunday afternoon — not that I approve of desecrating the Sabbath in such a manner — only in his case there is some excuse, as he is hard-working and honest, and his wife is too delicate to walk; she is most genteel, she invariably dresses in silk when she comes to chapel, and gives most liberally. Her daughter’s name isMartha — Martha!” and he turned up his eyes heavenwards as he repeated the name. “Well, to prove to you how sorely the devil tries me,” he went on, ” I dreamed last night I was calling on the Gardner’s, and, just as Mrs. Gardner was handing me a cup of tea, into the room, with a bounce and giggle (so utterly unlike herself; she is a most decorous…

Lemon reminds us that there are many bitter moments, however, are negligible for the health of body, soul or business life.