…Dreaming of coins without determining their value, usually indicates economic needs. Dreaming about gold coins, and if the value is distinguished, implies that the dreamer leads a comfortable life surrounded by fun, rides, parties, trips, etc. Dreaming of silver coins without distinguishing a value, implies dubious business, uncomfortable compromises, and family problems. It does get better if the silver coins appear new and shiny. If a young woman dreams of her lover gifting her gold coins’, it means that their marriage will be financially stable. If a young woman dreams that her lover gives her silver coins, and worse if they are old, it warns that she must remain alert or soon he’ll cheat on her. Dreaming about several copper coins indicates arduous work that is not paid well. Dreaming of nickel coins or other similar metal implies intense activity, hard work, constant business, but of very low standards…

The golden coins in dreams are the reflection of valuable things in your waking life such as money, jewelry or real estate. Sometimes the golden coins indicate the features such as your mental goodness, financial situation or emotional state. The golden coins can also be a reflection of the investments you have made in your waking life and are seen in the form of coins.

The coins in dreams represent the chances you have missed and the choices you didn’t make. Perhaps you didn’t do some things in your life, therefore you feel sorry for it. The golden coins in dreams could also indicate the happiness and achievements of your goals in the life. If you see the coins that are silver, then it shows the knowledge and wisdom that is in you. If you saw the stack of the coins, then such dream represents the strength of your personality. The dream, in which you flipped the coin, represents the attitude of your personality where you do not take things too serious. Perhaps you look at things very easily without any stress.

The silver coins in dreams are the reflection of valuable things in your waking life such as money, jewelry or real estate. Sometimes the silver coins indicate the features such as your mental goodness, financial situation or emotional state. The silver coins can also be a reflection of the investments you have made in your waking life and are seen in the form of coins.

…If we are counting coins of little value it’s an omen of economic difficulties. If we lose coins it’s a warning about our lack of finances. If we find coins, then that reflects our intimate desire to undertake more lucrative tasks….

…To dream of coins means that you’ll worry about money and some unexpected expenses. To see gold coins indicates success and wealth. Silver coins represent spiritual values and your own sense of self-esteem….

…Dreaming of gold, denotes great prosperity and much pleasure derived from sight-seeing and ocean voyages. Silver coin is unlucky Dreaming about. Dissensions will arise in the most orderly families. For a maiden Dreaming that her lover gives her a silver coin, signifies she will be jilted by him. Copper coins, denotes despair and physical burdens. Nickel coins, imply that work of the lowest nature will devolve upon you. If silver coins are your ideal of money, and they are bright and clean, or seen distinctly in your possession, the dream will be a propitious one….

The coins indicate the fact you are known as the valuable person. The coins are also a symbol of your desire to become rich.

Dreaming about wedding coins indicates that you’ll have to pay a considerable amount of money.

Dreams where you can find wedding coins indicate that you will give or receive a gift which will be expensive.

(Betting | Gambling) Casting lots in a dream or betting means adversities, rebukes, reprimands or exaggeration. If one wins a bet in a dream, it means that he will overcome his opponent. If one loses the bet to his counterpart in the dream, it means that he may suffer from a life imprisonment. (Also see Gambling)

Great joy. 47.

Departure of a friend. 99.

Cares of life.

Prosperity, happiness, increase of wealth, a rich bride.

Being faithfully loved and getting soon married. 223.

Great fortune. 78.

Joy, gaining money and property. 5.

Misfortune. 24.

Nothing good. 34.

…(Bones | Banana | Brass | Bread | Coin | Dirt | Dough | Pennies | Pie | Poison) A plated coin in a dream means lies, falsehood, or triviality. To shower someone with money in a dream means listening to a filthy conversation, or imperson- ating someone. Money in a dream also means vain talk, or missing one’s prayers. If one sees himself swallowing a coin of money in a dream, it means that he will betray his trust. Money in a dream is also interpreted as knowledge, faith, guidance, or becoming a government employee. Giving money away in a dream means dispelling agony, difficulties or burdens. If one receives money in his dream, it means that he is entrusted with something. Handling one to four coins in a dream is a lucky number. Money in a dream is also interpreted as women’s talk. Having a lot of…

…(Foundling | Waif) Picking-up an abandoned infant in a dream means picking-up one’s enemy, in conjunction to the story of Moses and Pharaoh. Picking up an abandoned child in a dream also could mean returning things to the way they should be, or dispelling distress and sorrow. If one sees himself planting an apple tree in a dream, it means adopting an orphan, or caring for one. To find oneself as an orphan in a dream means depression which is caused by injustice. To be an orphan in a dream also means feeling depressed because of one’s love for a woman, loss of property or money….

…(A RECAPITULATION) The dreams in which one flies from one scene to another with breathless rapidity, and all the characters are bewilderingly mixed and everything is hopelessly incongruous, though apparently very meaningless, often contain many significant features.To quote an illustration: A certain Doctor Eastlake dreamed he was cycling through Hyde Park one very sunny morning, when a servant-maid, dressed all in pink and yellow, shot a perambulator straight in front of him, and he was thrown head over heels in the air; but instead of alighting on the ground, he found himself running about in a cage at the Zoo without anything on. Then, just as his mother-in-law, her face green with fury, advanced on him with uplifted parasol, the scene changed, and he was picking up sovereigns in the street as fast as he could. One of the coins, as he was about to pop it into his…

…Bird-dreams are very common. With them alone I might fill a volume. However, as my space is not unlimited, I can only deal briefly with a few of them.To dream of canary birds signifies good fortune in the shape of money— either a legacy, a rise in salary, or a present. Whereas to dream about doves implies good fortune of any other than a pecuniary nature, such, for example, as recovery from illness, success in work or success in love affairs.To dream of a cuckoo means an unexpected find, as, for instance, the picking up of coins or other valuables in the street, or the finding of something that has long been lost.Crows in dreams are harbingers of bad luck, and import losses, pecuniary and otherwise, quarrels and disappointments.Ducks, on the other hand, portend good fortune, presents, and kisses.Fowls imply quarrels; geese new dresses. To dream about eagles implies…

…or liking to be alone or cessation of activities. The number one in a dream also represents the truth or God Almighty Who has no partner, associate or equal. The number two means help against one’s enemy. The number three signifies fulfillment of a promise. The number four means a pilgrimage to Mecca. The number five means doubt and weakness of one’s faith. Perhaps the number six also means victory against one’s enemy or establishing a proof of guilt against one’s adversaries. Counting up to number seven or eight in a dream has negative connotations. Counting up to number ten in a dream could mean atonement for one’s sins. If one sees himself in a dream counting money coins that has the name of God inscribed on it in a dream, it means that he celebrates God’s praises and glorifies His Name. If one sees himself in a dream counting…

…Dreaming of being in a bank without tellers is a sign that your own businesses are not going well. Dreaming of a closed bank is a symbol of diseases, particularly in the nervous system; it also indicates that you have been neglecting your health, being careless with money, and in some cases loss of money or problems to recover it. Simply dreaming of being a spectator in a bank is a recommendation to take precautions about the business you make. It also indicates that there isn’t a complete control of your health or anxiety. Dreaming of being in a bank when employees are delivering gold coins is a symbol of carelessness; however, if they are getting them, it’s a sign of success in business. Dreaming of being in a bank where large amounts of silver coins are visible indicates that, in the immediate future you’ll be successful in your…

(Betting | Casting lots | Games | Risk) Gambling in a dream denotes something groundless, distress, falsehood or an unattainable goal. If one bets money or something with an adversary and wins his bet in a dream, it means that he will overcome him. Generally speaking, betting or gambling in a dream means quarrels, disputes, uptightness or agony in wakefulness. (Also see Casting lots | Distress | Games | Uptight | Worries)

If you dream that you have lots of money, it means that you wish to become rich and fulfil all of your needs. If you see lots of money that do not belong to you, you will get disappointed soon. If you stole the money that are not yours, you will be sorry for your own affairs. If you lost the money, you will make some decisions that will make you feel guilty. On the other hand, losing the money means the opposite, you will receive the big amount of it.

…life at this very moment. The bigger the storm or the bigger the waves are, the more dractic changes will happen. If you dream of looking towards the beach it means that you are settling down and taking back the life you had or joining the process you used to be in before. Consider that this dream shows your ability to admit all the new sauses that is happening in your life. If you see yourself just lieing down, taking the nap or just loosening on the beach it is a sign of upcoming quiet and peaceful next chapter. If you see yourself doing particular or any work on the beach it foretells that very soon you might get the project that will take lots of your time and strength to get it done, so prepare yourself for hard work and try to keep calm with lots of patience….

…To dream of eating beans is a sign of trouble. If you are picking beans, it denotes poverty.;;72, 18, 11….

To dream that you are throwing stuff away into the garbage shows that you are getting rid of the unnecessary things, individuals or emotions that are in your life. If someone has thrown the garbage at you, you feel disrespected. If you are picking up things at the garbage, it means that you are trying to find goodness where is impossible to find.

If you eat the grapes in a dream, then such dream shows your desire to give happiness and joy to others. The grapes are also the symbol of fertility, abundance and rewards. If you are eating the grapes in a dream, then such dream shows the wealthy and happy life you are going to have. If you are picking up the grapes in a dream, then it shows how your dreams and desires are becoming the truth. Because of the hard work you made you are being rewarded and subconscious mind of yours is sending you this message.

Picking with thorns means torment and anguish. Thorns also are the symbol of heartbreak. To see them in the dreams mean useless work.

…Stags in dreams indicate a change in one’s life, as, for instance, prior to deciding to migrate as a farmer to Canada, a bank clerk dreamed he was walking through a park, when a beautifully marked stag came bounding up, to him, and lifting him up with its antlers, in such a manner as to cause him no inconvenience, whirled him away o’er bank and brae, till it finally arrived on the margin of a silvery sea, where it turned into a yacht and swiftly sailed away.Another stag-dream someone told me was to the effect that a man, before changing from a parson to an actor, dreamed a white stag appeared by his bedside, and, picking him up in its mouth, sank through the floor into a cabbage-field, where it engaged in a deadly combat with another stag, and, after running the latter through with its horns, was advancing…

To dream an acorn, represents you as a confident, strong and dexterous person. This dream represents the start of actions you will do, will make big and advantageous results. If you dream of seeings acorn on the ground and picking it up, represents the joy you will have after severe work you have done. This is the sign, that you willl be pleased. If you see yourself eating an acorn it is the sign of happy, easy future and wealtthy life you are going to have. If you see yourself trying to pluck the acorns from the tree and shaking the tree, it signifies your good impact on other people. You should be happy, as people around you, respect and admire you.

…If planted, it indicates long life. Picking it up means grief. Receiving a bouquet, comfort….

If you see the junkyard in the dream, it shows that you are dealing with unpleasant circumstances in your life. If you are picking up good stuff from the junk yard, it shows that you are not enjoying your life and trying very hard to find the positivity in all of this mess. Sometimes the junk yard indicates the life you are not happy with, because of the others damage that was made to you. The junk yard could have a positive meaning either, because it shows your ability to find the goodness in the bad things and take what is the best for you.

…with his sword unsheathed in a dream, it means that he commands good, forbid evil, and that he will receive blessings and praises in this world and in the hereafter. This dream also can be interpreted as earning one’s martyrdom. If one sees himself sitting under the central Tuba tree in paradise in a dream, it means blessings and prosperity in this world and in the hereafter. If one sees himself sitting in the gardens of paradise in a dream, it means that he will be blessed with sincerity and perfect religious adherence. Eating from the fruits of paradise in a dream means acquiring knowledge. Drinking from its rivers of honey and milk in a dream means receiving wisdom, inner knowledge and prosperity. Leaning against a tree in paradise in a dream represents the chastity of one’s wife. Picking the fruits of paradise and feeding them to others in a…

…For a girl to dream of picking these whortleberries in abundance, is a sign she will marry very young and very good husband, though not a rich one: to dream of eating whortleberries, denotes health. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 69, 30….

The forest shows your connection with the nature. There is also a possibility that you feel the lack of connection with the real world, because of the work and responsibilities you do in daily life. If you are lost in the forest, then you are looking for the exit of some situation, but have no idea how to solve it, therefore you feel confused. Otherwise, being lost in the woods promises riches, but only if you are poor. Walking around in the forest picking up the berries, mushrooms and enjoying the nature while dreaming shows your inner harmony.