If you dream of M.D. it shows that you are looking for help and trying to make things better of your health or your life. The dream could also be understood as the suggestion to look after your health and check your doctor. If you are feeling physically sick in your dream, it means that you are trying to understand your body and mind. In some cases the dream about M.D. could show that you are going on the right track while dealing with your spirituality.

If this letter appears clearly is a message of expansion and search, as the tensioning bow before launching the arrow.

…G-d disguised Himself into Snake and tricked the first Humans to eat the apple. This is direct cheat from G-d on to Himself since Human is created like G-d. The story itself is a joke since if G-d can cheat on Himself thus believing in it is also a cheat onto believer. So, if it simple cheat, why should anyone believe that the story itself is not cheat. So, when we see that the story itself is a trick to cheat our minds, then we don’t have the ground on which our world is being built. What is hidden behind that? So, if this Myth is just a cheat, then we don’t have any reliable source about G-d, Human and how everything was created….

The I.D. indicates your own identity and how you think about yourself. If you lost you I.D., it means that you are not feeling yourself anymore. If someone has stolen your I.D., it symbolizes your fear of being influenced by others in the negative way. If the driver’s license or I.D. was taken from you because of the your behavior, you will have to face the consequences for what you have done.