…In a dream, a plate represents one’s beloved, or it could mean going through hard times, or it could represent locusts or money. A plate in a woman’s dream represents the best man in her circles. If a man sees a plate in his dream, it represents the most respected woman in his circles. If one sees a covered plate being taken out of the room of a sick person, the contents represent the cause of his illness….

The color white. If one sees his face white in the dream, it means sickness. If he sees his cheeks radiant white in the dream, it means honor, bounty and a high rank in his community. White in a dream also represents elderly people. (Also see Colors)

The license plate that is given to the big vehicles indicates your personality and the way you show yourself to others. Sometimes the license plate shows the way other people look at you and what kind of personality you seem to them. If you do not use the license plate, because you do not want to, your image is not good in front of the others.

If the plate is full, then it indicates an economic relief. To fill it, means that your situation will evolve according to your aspirations. Empty or broken plate symbolizes financial difficulties.

The dream in which you have a broken leg, signifies the fact that you are unable to move in some situation. Perhaps you feel helpless and powerless to change some situation. The broken leg could also signify broken dreams and plans, perhaps you should slow down.

…it! Jim was a burglar, mister, a real top-sawyer in his profession, and there wasn’t his equal in London. I knew it when I first met him, and he knew all about me — that I was one of the cleverest filchers — pocket -pickers — in Whitechapel. Well, mister, we took to one another at first sight, and, after a few months courting, agreed that, if we were to marry and have a quiet time of it, we must give up our present line of business. Burglary is all very well for a single man, if he is ‘pinched’ no one misses him, but when it comes to seven years’ penal for a man with a wife and half a dozen children, it isn’t good enough. Jim and I were sensible enough to see that, mister, and we both came to the conclusion that, after one more haul, we…

…(Black | Blond | Bluish-black | Green | Maroon | Purple | Red | Reddish-brown | White | Yellow) The color black in a dream means prosperity, happiness or sickness. The color blond in a dream means war, sickness, piety, honor or a religious person. In a dream, the color blond also means contemptibleness, vileness, meanness or depravity. Black colored eyes in a dream represent a religious person. A bluish -black colored eyes in a dream connote opposing one’s religion. Blue eyes in a dream entail religious innovations. Green eyes in a dream represent a religion that is different from all religions. The color green in a dream also represents a good harvest or prosperity. Green in a dream also means youth or fear of wrongdoing. In a dream, the color blue represents distress, depression, enmity, or it could mean a calamity. The color red in a dream denotes…

If color white is untainted in our dreams, it signifies the trust which hasn’t been betrayed. If white objects appear filthy, we will be subject of betrayals. If it is about a dartboard, it portends success in your projects.

…glitter proceeding from the innermost recesses of the skull. The face was fleshless and the skin, which was white and luminous, hung closely to the bones, which in places had broken completely through it. It was the face of the long since dead animated by the spirit of a devil, and I doubt if even the Hell of Dante could show such another. Familiar as I was with the sight of ghastly phantasms of all kinds, I had never seen one that impressed me with quite such a terror as this, and, as it glided slowly towards me with out-stretched arms, I verily believe my heart would have burst asunder and I should have died in my sleep, had not the spell that held me limb-tied been suddenly broken. With wild shrieks of despair I fled away, and from behind every bush and tree darted, similarly apparelled, huntsmen in close…

Copper plate seen in a dream, is a warning of discordant views causing unhappiness between members of the same household.

…Breaking plates dream means that you will make some unexpected expenses, economic loss. Plate with food means wealth, opulence and wellness. Plates of gold or silver, presage disappointing or fights….

…little present. Are you fond of roast mutton?””Yes, ma’am,’ I replied, feeling very hungry all of a sudden, for the smell of all those good things I have told you about, sir, really made my mouth water.”And tripe? She went on”.”Again I answered, ‘ Yes”.”Then that is all right,’ she said, with a sigh of relief.” My husband and I ordered what we fancied you would most appreciate — a good, homely fare and plenty of it — so don’t be afraid to have a second helping. Now, Willie dear, let us begin”.”Well, sir, we all sat down. It was by far the” queerest meal I have ever had, and I cannot say I enjoyed it, for the meat was tough and the vegetables half raw. But there was no help for it.When I had got one plateful down and was congratulating myself that I could now give my jaws…

…(arb. Mudd. Unit of dry measure equal to 2 pecks, or 16 quarts.) A container measuring half a bushel in a dream means sanctity, chastity, cleanliness and purity. This interpretation comes from understanding the practice of God’s Prophet (uwbp) of regularly taking his ritual ablution from such a measuring container. (Also see Unit of measure)…

If you dream about something being in half, then such dream shows that your life is not fully completed. Perhaps there is something missing, but you haven’t realized it yet. The dream could also indicate that you are not recognizing your feelings. Maybe you do not know what you want? Alternatively, the dream suggests you to look for compromise while dealing with other people, instead of thinking only about yourself.

…Dreaming of a white moth, foretells unavoidable sickness, though you will be tempted to accuse yourself or some other with wrong-doing, which you think causes the complaint. For a woman to see one flying around in the room at night, forebodes unrequited wishes and disposition which will effect the enjoyment of other people. To see a moth flying and finally settling upon something, or disappearing totally, foreshadows death of friends or relatives….

The rose that is white is interpreted as tenderness, goodness and purity.

The color white is the symbol of wisdom, purity, clarity and innocence.

The two colors which are black and white and are seen in the dream means that there are many contrast in your waking life. However, you should remember that after the bad days the good days always come into your life.

To dream you are covered with one shows a speedy marriage, in which you will either be a principal party or much interested in the event. If an unmarried man dreams of seeing female in a white veil, and that she shows her face, it is a sure sign of marriage.

If you wear white clothes in a dream, an event will bring you a huge satisfaction.

To dream that you are dressed in white color clothes indicates that a certain event will bring great satisfaction.

…Dreaming of white lead, denotes relatives or children are in danger because of your carelessness. Prosperity will be chary of favor….

Broken arms shows danger, great or long arms, friendship; but small ones, enemies, who will your prosperity strip.

…(Bonesetter) An orthopedist who corrects skeletal deformities and sets broken bones in a dream represents a pious governor who governs with justice, teaches righteousness, balances substances and conforms to equanimity. Seeing an orthopedist in a dream also means presumptuousness, might and audacity. He also represents officiousness, adroitness and resoluteness, for he discards the deficient and brings together what is broken. Seeing an orthopedist in a dream also means distress and trouble. He also represents an architect, and an architect represents an orthopedist in a dream. Thus, seeing him in a dream also means construction and could represent a generous person who comforts, accommodates and helps a needy person, or a wise man who comforts the broken hearts, a just judge, a great scholar, a shoe repairman, or a tailor. If one sees himself standing before an orthopedist in a dream because of a broken bone or another fracture and…

…For a woman Dreaming of plates, denotes that she will practise economy and win a worthy husband. If already married, she will retain her husband’s love and respect by the wise ordering of his household. See Dishes….

…crash, and engine and coaches vanished from sight, over the side of a precipice. The next moment everything changed, and I found myself racing into the railway station to get my ticket. The place was absolutely deserted, not a porter nor a passenger anywhere, and the train all ready to go. The office was shut, as is always the case when we are in a desperate hurry in Phantomania, but, being determined to make the clerk hear, I commenced a vigorous cannonade with my fist on the pigeon-hole door. Presently the latter flew open, and out popped a bald, white head, with such evil, lurid eyes and sinister smile that, shocked beyond measure, I staggered back. As I did so, I came into conclusion with a porter, who, without asking my permission, unceremoniously shoved me into a train, and, before I could recover my breath, we were off. The compartment,…

…name. If an old man shaves his beard in a dream, it means that he will lose his good reputation at the hand of a profiteer and an overpowering enemy. If one’s beard is cut off in a dream, it means financial losses valued at how far it is trimmed. Clipping what is longer than man’s grip of one’s beard in a dream means paying the due alms tax. Cutting off someone’s beard in a dream means swindling his inheritance. A white beard in a dream means honor, dignity and good fame. If one’s beard turns gray, leaving few black hairs in the dream, it means earning respect. If all its hair becomes gray in the dream, it means poverty and loss of integrity. Seeing one’s wife having a beard in a dream means increase in one’s wealth or growth of the son’s business, or sickness of one’s wife, or…

…to earn his livelihood. One’s feet represent his parents, his livelihood, a journey or his wealth. (See Feet | Foot). If one foot is broken or cut off in a dream, it means either the death of a parent or loss of half of one’s capital. If one’s feet turn into iron or copper in a dream, it means longevity. If they turn into glass in the dream, they denote his short life. The human bones represent his livelihood, religion, glory or money. Collecting bones in a dream means saving money. The bone marrow in a dream repre- sents hidden money, good awareness, patience and gratitude. The veins and nerves in a dream represent one’s clan, modesty and progeny. As for seeing the human skin in a dream, it means ornaments, presiding over others, a veil, blessings, livelihood, provisions, life and a garment. (Also see Aorta | Face | Finger…

(See Rose)

Having faithful friends, 235.

Self-conceit, vanity. 53.

Being released from unjust suspicion.

Good luck, prosperous in life. 2.

Innocence. 96.

Denotes luck in love and all undertakings.

Luck, good business. 266.

Welfare and pleasure; also, contentedness. 10.


Denotes enjoying an unexpected pleasure.

Making an agreeable acquaintance.